Under Construction & To Be Expanded Tenfold.

MMO is reaching new heights with the development of metaverses and fully-customizable decentralized worlds. The CFC Metaverse acts as a massive open-world play-to-earn arcade that is exclusive to NFT avatars only. Because the amount of NFTs are not capped, this world has the potential to become an everlasting ecosystem of purely growth.

It's not only fighters that are evolving in Crypto Fight Club.


  1. metaDistricts

  2. Gameplay

  3. Humanizing Virtually

  4. How-2-Play

  5. NFT Gym Developments

metaDistricts (Official Names TBD)

The CFC Metaverse occupies a monumental expanse of virtual land. Containing key landmarks distributed across a limitless amount of parcels, it has four prominent zones:

  • The Capital The central hub of the CFC Metaverse.

  • Inner Ring Inside the community of players and fighters alike.

  • Outer Ring Looking to play? Teleport outside the city.

  • The Uncharted The road not (yet) traveled.

With the continuance of endless expansion...

The Capital

Champions of past and present gather here for large events, team up for competitions, and to squash beef.

  • Crypto Fighting Coliseum

In the honor of the late and great fighters, chicken chasers, and bear slayers- comes the hall where players test their true skills. A competitive ecosystem of both winners and losers, only few can take home belts and reputation to last a lifetime.

  • Elite Fight Club

The official marketplace for the CFC Metaverse. Don't ever miss out on limited-edition gear drops again and stray away from expensive secondary marketplace fees.

A place to find exclusive wearables and trainers from other gyms and developments that haven't been released yet!

  • The Portals

Feeling lazy? The Portals will sort you out.

Fast-travel to any and all play-to-earn games and gyms without the long haul. However, if you haven't been there before, you cannot yet use the Portal to get there. Better start running!

Inner Ring

The Inner Rings encompasses everything outside of the The Capital. Play games and venture off with other players to train skills and level up.

  • Games

Consider this an open-world, play-to-earn arcade. All games playable prior to the metaverse release are openly available to the player-public.

With more games being released, expect players to come and go from the leaderboards and increase chances to reign as a top dog.

  • Cages, Rings, Mats & Grass

Within the surrounding environments, there will always be a place to pick a fight. These secluded, free-for-all areas turn friends into foes. With the ability to team up or 1v1 in the open, the densely populated areas of extinction are no joke for newcomers.

  • NFT Gyms

To make a gym successful, it must be publicly available to large consortiums of fighters and trainers. With limited space and resources, NFT gyms located inside the Inner Ring will be scarce and more popular based on exposure and foot traffic near The Capital.

Outer Ring

The Outer Ring is located on the outskirts of the metaverse. Not compromised to the open-public, those looking to host private parties and events will find these establishments far more attractive than being in the center of attention.

NFT gyms and other developing establishments will not be available until Q1 2023 at the earliest.

The Uncharted

Unavailable for exploration until further notice.


Owners of Crypto Fight Club NFTs can deploy their avatars to the open-world CFC Metaverse. Avatars can socialize, play and earn with all published games, and battle it out against each other in different PvP models. Winners and losers both walk away with something every time.

This voxel-verse is an open-ended social space where players from all walks of life can engage in myriad activities like chicken chasing, bear wrestling, hand-to-hand combat, martial arts training, trivia events, and even advertise.

Here, there are many forms of victory conditions, but never β€œend of game” scenarios. With a competitive spin on a majority of game modes, players will always compete against each other on the leaderboards in the efforts to earn more tokens. Players not interested can sit back, spectate, and/or rent all while earning.

Every mini-game published by Crypto Fight Club will be returned and openly available with multiplayer components. Millions may miss the beloved Chicken Run but remember, the comeback will be legendary.

Later, the cross-pollination of worlds will occur. Rather than a clash or collision; a merge happens and other like-minded worlds opt in to communicate with the fighters. With other-beings ability to roam around inside the metaDistricts, team up and teleport to their alternate realities and explore with fellow fighters.

Humanizing Virtually

Fighter's have friends, too! MMO gameplay means nothing without social features. A place where lifelong friends and foes are to be made.

By default, text communication will be enabled for all avatars in earshot of each other. NFT gym owners will have the option to program voice commands and communications during specialized events like tournaments and trivia. More filters will continuously be implemented to fight off spammers, mitigate harassment, and open options for direct messages and group chats.


The following table shows the action commands in the CFC Metaverse.



Move Up


Move Left


Move Down


Move Right














Open Map


Signature Move

Alt +F4



To Be Continued...

NFT Gym Developments

NFT Gyms and other installations are unique developments on the Inside Ring. These developments are built in association with the CFC Metaverse Architectural department and other 3rd party developers looking to collaborate.

On the table below, future features include (are not limited to):


Exclusive NFT Trainer Wearables

With every great gym, comes great trainers. Each gym owner will be entitled to a minimum of 1 fully-customized NFT trainer that players can fight to obtain as a wearable. The design and functionality is in conjunction with CFC and will be created based on the owner's preferences.

Play-To-Earn Economics

Customize the play-to-earn models for special events. With the pool earned from attendees or out of pocket, attract more players by hosting games and events with rewarding competitions.

Featured Events

Open doors to those looking for more than a fight. Create trivia nights, circuit training competitions, or hash it out gym vs gym.

In-Game Merchandise

Put your own brand on customized wearables like gloves, shirts, shorts, and hats. Fighters can show off their company and guild sponsors with exclusive gear only found at select gyms and fighting clubs.


Have a big event and looking to monetize? Searching for sponsors or have a marketing opportunity? Design banners around the rings, on the bags, signs for the walls - you name it. Turn your gym into ad factory.


Host closed tournaments with friends, guilds, and oppositions. Your house, your rules.

Displays & Art

Showcase your NFT collectables and artwork on the walls, in the ring, or anywhere you make it fit!

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