Who? What? Why? This is Crypto Fight Club (CFC).


The arena for all of your NFT-based battles and sparring matches between friends and foes alike (using modern-day protective measure). The motive is simple: acquire a fighter, kit them out with lavish accessories, and duke it out with other players. No longer will you cast envious glances at those who have the cash to buy the best accessories. Your success is a product of commitment, ambition and more than a bit of luck.

Our team is full of avid gamers and developers with a simple view on the landscape and we can’t scream it loud enough. Reward the gamers that not only play a lot, but are tactical with their in-game rewards and know a good deal when it appears digitally in front of them. This is a game where our users can use acumen to rise to the top, irrespective of how much investment they’ve put in. It's time to put the skill back into skill-based.


Gone are the days where features are locked behind paywalls and gamers have no choice but to be forced to accept the blatant disrespect of the developers they hold so dear. This is a game with a difference, one which rewards the zealots of chance who will stake it all in the moment for an opportunity to make their mark high on the leaderboard.

There is a great opportunity with crypto which Crypto Fight Club does not intend to squander. It’s the democratizing effect, a way to level the playing field and ensure each and every player has the same opportunity to make it big. We aim to achieve this by making sure everyone has an avenue to earning extra $FIGHT and power their fighters equally.


No two fighters are the same, nor are the many items available going to lead you to the same eventuality as any other user. You are as likely to win as the next player and your starting position seldom matters when astute gameplay will lead you to victory after victory. What matters in CFC is how you play the game, rarely how much you put in.

The uniqueness of your NFT avatar and any items you attach embodies the spirit of a game targeting keyboard warriors of the first degree, who will fight and stake their way to glory. Contrary to most mainstream games, this is not a game for whales, but is aimed at attracting gamers with a nose for risk with great reward. The true methodology of decentralization embodies each and every fighter minted.

Do you have what it takes to $FIGHT?

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