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Options, options, options.

Crypto Fight Club is introducing a new way to keep players, playing. The approach taken is long, however the results and impact are far greater than originally anticipated. Introducing the up and coming hit factory: CFC Metaverse (arcade edition).

Metaverse Arcade

With a lot of thought into the game theory of the business, it is understood that gamers will always enjoy something new. Whether it's gameplay modes, updates, new DLC (downloadable content), map packs, etc- these users are always getting options from these platform providers.
Crypto Fight Club aims to bring a series of mini-games that will feature inside of the CFC Metaverse. With games like Chicken Run, Fight The Bear, Battle Royale and so much more, players will explore endless amounts of quality gameplay while earning tokens and NFTs.
Whilst roaming these mini-metaverses, losing interest or the inability to continue grinding will be inevitable. Providing multiple options suited for different play styles is geared towards providing a product for any kind of gamer. With the powerful protocol of play-to-earn, players can enjoy both immersive gameplay with their in-game assets and earn at the same time with their friends.
As soon as a new game drops, the game prior becomes obsolete until the release of the CFC Metaverse. Upon launch, NFT holders can replay any game released by Crypto Fight Club with the play-to-earn economics still in-tact.

✅ Chicken Run

Crypto Fight Club's debut mini-game Chicken Run is an absolute hit. With players spending reasonable amounts of time running around different open-world environments capturing chickens, rewards are based on time, skill, and effort. With an upgrade to the game's play-to-earn economy, Chicken Run saw a spike of 4x new users and growing within 1 week of implementation.

🔜 Fight The Bear

Crypto Fight Club's 2nd addition to the mini-game series is Fight The Bear. The highly-anticipated game mode showcases the introduction of the game's combat and NPC interaction. NFT holders will be able to travel to the depths of the winter wastelands and fight off as many bears as they can for more rewards. A game based simply on the survival of the fittest.

🔜 PvP (Player vs Player)

The most desired game mode yet- PvP (player vs player). With this feature coming some time in 2022, this game mode alone will propel past and future developments of each metaverse product released. PvP can include battle modes like 1v1 and Battle Royale. It can also share it's multiplayer and combat-oriented functionalities with other games like Chicken Run and Fight The Bear.
The table below showcases the game mechanics in the Crypto Fight Club mini-games.
Chicken Run
Fight The Bear
PvP (Player vs Player)
1st Mini-Game: Chicken Run
Chicken Run is the premier mini-game inside of the Crypto Fight Club metaverse. Inspired by the local cardio exercise routine Muay Thai fighters use in Thailand, the goal is to catch as many chickens in a small-window of time for prizes in redeemable NFTs and $FIGHT. Compete against others with your NFT avatar and fight your way to the top of the leaderboards to earn more.


  • 2 minutes per round
  • 10 rounds every 24 hours (per NFT)
  • $FIGHT rewards paid out per season (1 season = 1 week)
  • Redeemable Chicken Run NFTs rewarded to top chasers at the end of 2 seasons.
  • Competitive environment
  • 50,000+ weekly rewards in $FIGHT pooled
  • Anyone playing can earn
  • Tournaments with BIG rewards (coming soon)
2nd Mini-Game: Fight The Bear
Fight The Bear is the 2nd addition to Crypto Fight Club's mini-game fleet. This is the first combat-based game designed for those standing tall and fighting through the bear market and crypto winter. Only the strongest survive.
  • Play until you get KO'd
  • Combat-oriented against NPCs
  • 10 rounds every 24 hours (per NFT)
  • Free roam + turn-based play style
  • $FIGHT rewards paid out per season (1 season = 1 week)
  • Redeemable Fight The Bear NFTs rewarded to top combatants at the end of 2 seasons
  • Difficulty increases based on progression
  • XX,XXX+ weekly rewards in $FIGHT pooled
  • Anyone playing can earn
Play Fight The Bear (coming soon)
Fight The Bear Game Economics (coming soon)
3rd Mini-Game: PvP (NAME TBD)
PvP (Player vs Player) is the most anticipated drop to Crypto Fight Club's gaming line. Inspired by the popular game models in AAA gaming, Crypto Fight Club is packing a punch and dropping you into the metaverse. This is the survival of the fittest.
  • KO = Eliminated
  • Combat-oriented against real players (and/or NPCs)
  • 10 rounds every 24 hours (per NFT)
  • $FIGHT rewards paid out per season (1 season = 1 week)
  • Redeemable PvP NFTs rewarded to top fighters at the end of 2 seasons
  • XX,XXX+ weekly rewards in $FIGHT pooled
  • Tournaments with BIG rewards (coming soon)
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PvP Game Economics (coming soon)