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Fight The Bear

Be a bull. Fight The Bear.
Don't Get Rekt #WAGMI

Survival of the Fittest

Which bear will get you rekt?
The development team has been working on the following:
  • Added different, randomized power-ups throughout the combat experiences such as attack buffs, time extenders and speed enhancements
  • Improved different cave environments (worked on staging, lighting, shadows, environmental objects and more)
  • Embedded NFT attribute metadata (attack, defense and technique) for each NFT fighter
  • Added cutscenes in before/after scenes in the approach to the cave and bear
  • Finalizing the game trailer
Be prepared to unleash the true potential of your fighter as you seek to defeat a series of bears in hand-to-hand combat.
Development of Fight The Bear and its functionalities will be updated regularly and found here throughout the maturity of its creation.
Dropping in early Q2 2022