Following the six degrees of separation.

Crypto Partners & Advisors

To build a successful product, surround yourself with successful people. Crypto is full of them.

Crypto companies provide a very wide and diverse set of resources. From deploying full-stack blockchain developers to extremist marketing shills- true, global talent can be found more in this industry than others.

Primary efforts current partners and advisors have provided to Crypto Fight Club revolve mostly around marketing and business development. With a ready-made network, these individuals and companies know virtually anyone through someone. A team of networkers.

Thank to their support, Crypto Fight Club has been able to reach a global audience and establish strategic collaborations with guilds, select influencers, PR companies, and market makers. As the strategic partnership line expands, the company grows in parallel.

Gym Partners

To embody the spirit of fighters in most martial arts, you must embark at the origin.

In this particular case, partnering up with gyms a great gateway to the ever-growing style of martial arts. With the Paul brothers and Crypto Twitter extraordinaries (amongst many others), martial arts has seen explosive growth over the last few years and is making an impact in the crypto industry. A lot of crypto influencers even started taking fight classes for self-defense.

Notable gyms around the world are actively looking to find ways to branch out and obtain more exposure. There is no better way than to tap into the hottest industry in the world and take their preferred fighting sport by storm. Some have started offering memberships and exclusive benefits in the form of NFTs.

Gyms help Crypto Fight Club tap into the real-world of fighting through multiple avenues. Some benefits include the introductions to professional fighters, co-branding merchandise and entire gyms, and even offering their blueprints to build 3D environments for the metaverse. With so much in store, these partnerships will remain one of the strongest advantages allowing Crypto Fight Club leverage and promote deadly use-cases.

Fighter Partners

Independence is a beautiful condition that exercises self-governance of life.

Unlike most sports, fighters only have very few people on their team during a match. And they're not the ones getting punched or kicked in the face. They have the ability to make their own decisions rather than athletes in team sports.

Luckily, a lot of professional fighters are not tied down to singular full-time partnerships and sponsorships. With the support of Crypto Fight Club, pro-fighters on the team receive the following:

  • Consistent payouts for training camps and personal use

  • Granted exclusive-access to free high-quality gear tailored to their fighting style

  • Freedom of engagement (support CFC however they want w/ our resources)

  • Custom 1 of 1 in-game avatars for the metaverse, staking, and mini-games

As the roster of fighters continues to grow, so will the credibility of the company in the fight world.

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