Club Lending Platform

Lend NFTs, earn tokens.

Play-to-earn gaming has already accomplished so much, proving we are on the cusp of a major advance for all of gaming. To get there, a play-to-earn model that massively scales requires automation and freedom of choice. The innovative renting model in Axie Infinity spurred a massive enhancement to play-to-earn gaming.

However, the issue with something like the popular scholarship approach is that it relies too much on a human-heavy middle layer.

Non-Custodial Lending is here

CFC's Club Lending is introducing a completely on-chain lending experience for future fighters. The renting smart contract is designed so the NFT avatars rented have limited rights and borrowers cannot run away with someone else's asset(s). With the ability to fully-customize the renting experience, lenders can tailor their team's requirements in a plethora of ways.

Lending and rental protocols are a great way to attract newcomers and overcome high entry barriers in many play-to-earn games, but a large problem remains. Many of these introduce an inefficient and exploitable human layer, resulting in the case of borrowers earning solely for the proprietor of the NFTs. Club Lending solves this by keeping the entire process on-chain and transparent when leasing NFTs and collecting rewards.

What is Lending NFTs?

Both renter and borrower shake hands on-chain resulting in an immutable agreement that cannot be tampered with or changed once in effect. The two parties benefit from the decentralized framework and have the freedom of choice and flexibility on each NFT rented.

Club Lending gives owners inside Crypto Fight Club the freedom of choice whilst remaining in control of their assets. Multiple benefits of the renting platform include (and are not limited to) for future NFTlords:


  • Accessibility Rentals can be offered globally to anyone or limited to select borrowers. Guilds may only want to offer their fighters to only their members.

  • Renting Duration NFT owners can customize the duration of each fighter rented out to borrowers. Length of duration can be set to hours, days, weeks, and months.

  • Reward Shares NFT holders can customize the reward share for each of their NFTs. Many may offer a 50/50 split, but this in its entirety can be customized for flexibility. All tokens rewarded are deposited to an escrow balance that splits the rewards at the time of completion. Optional: NFTs won can be given to the borrower if rented at the end of each season.

  • Rental Fees Fees on each rental can be set per NFT fighter. Some owners may prefer to waive the fees and offer their fighters for free, rather charging an upfront cost to their community.

  • Power Leveling When NFTs are played, their attributes are strengthened based on time spent and leaderboard progression. Once the rental has matured to conclusion, increased stats are carried over.

Club Lending is a model renting solution for any and all play-to-earn guilds and regulars that want to earn passive tokens in $FIGHT. To conquer the barriers of entry, eliminate counter-party risk, and support communities and players alike- Crypto Fight Club's is building the portal to accessibility and fair play for all play-to-earn gamers.

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