FIGHT Royale (PvP)

FIGHT For Your Life.


Gamers, fighters, degenerates. The long wait is over. We are pleased to announce something so big it’ll knock your gloves off.

Fight Royale dropped on January 12th at 12pm UTC.

Many descriptions of this event floated over the airwaves both in-house and across the community: hotly anticipated, flagship PvP game mode… ‘finally a way to dunk on irritating noobs’.

The reality is this’ll be more engaging with a higher skill ceiling than any game mode previously released on CFC and there are a metric ton of rewards alongside ample in-game customizations.

It’s a Beatdown

You’ll finally be able to live the dream and sprint, punch, kick and throw chairs at other players!

Fight Royale is all about unleashing the beast in a 16-player free-for-all fight. Whether you're an MMA all-rounder, a boxing knockout king or actually not very good at fighting irl — the NFT fighter you put into the fray can absolutely sway the tide of any match.

Stamina and Strategy

As my ex wife tells me, it's not just about shining bright for a few, beautiful seconds: beat the crap out of your opponents, sure, but be smart and take your time. Stamina depletes the more fighting and running you do, so tactically maintaining energy is key to dominating the ring.

Overdo it and you might just gas out before delivering that final blow (can relate).

Power-ups and Emotes

Expect power-ups to pop up every few minutes: these present a killer edge, use them.

And when you're done flexing your muscles, flex your style with meme emotes — lord it over their fallen fighter because they will see your annoying emote action on the post-death screen.

We made sure you can target the score leader by marking them a crown. Perhaps you don’t want to do too well, too early.

Dynamic Gameplay

Dodge bears and chickens in our zany danger zones and explore a terrific city environment with a ring right at its heart. And trust us, we've got more wacky maps on the way! Haha!

Earn Your JUICE

The better you play, the more JUICE you earn — it's all about how high you finish, the damage you do and the kills you rack up.

Use the JUICE wisely, maybe gear up for the upcoming Fight Royale tournament (Potential $10k bros).

What's Next?

We're just getting started! Get hyped for our tournament system, new maps, gameplay improvements and team modes just around the corner.

We like the feedback, keep giving it: help us make Fight Royale the best game it can be.

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