Powering Crypto Fight Club.

The usability of $FIGHT ranges far and wide inside of Crypto Fight Club.

Utility Reinvented

The $FIGHT token's main purpose in the ecosystem is to be utilized in a myriad of each product developed.

Decentralized Staking Staking is permitted to NFT avatar holders only. Stakers APY is paid out from an annual inflation of 1%. Stakers have the freedom of choice when delegating stakes and locking tokens. The rewards are pre-determined by the size and length of the time-deposit. Further incentives include NFT evolution and bonus APYs. Learn more about staking and how to participate here.

Play-To-Earn Gaming To play inside Crypto Fight Club, interested participants must hold an NFT avatar. Currently, players earn $FIGHT for participating in different game modes. Whilst contending against other competitors, players earn more by ranking higher on the leaderboards. Higher leaderboard rankings are incentivized by larger rewards and redeemable NFT trophies at the end of each season. Learn more about playing to earn and how to participate here.

Automated Burning Creating scarcity and building demand is a must for developing a robust economy. In order to acquire an NFT avatar to stake and play, future participants must burn 2,000 $FIGHT to mint an NFT or obtain one from a secondary NFT marketplace. Learn more about burning $FIGHT here.

🔜 Club Lending Obtaining an NFT avatar for the play-to-earn model will be easier than ever with the Club Lending platform. Owners of NFTs (renters) can rent their assets to those who do not currently have a playable avatar (borrowers) for a split of the in-game rewards paid out in $FIGHT. The lenders either provide a fixed rate. duration and fee for their NFTs to anyone or work out independent deals with borrowers, providing them with more options. Learn more about Club Lending here.

Tokenomics & Distribution

The $FIGHT token allocation is divided between 7 separate vesting schedules.

  • Private Sale Distribution of $FIGHT for VCs, guilds, and accredited investors

  • Public Sale Distribution of $FIGHT for the IDO on Polkastarter & Gamestarter launchpads

  • Liquidity Distribution of $FIGHT for providing additional liquidity of the token on exchanges

  • Adoption Incentives Distribution of $FIGHT for customer acquisitions and marketing campaigns

  • Team Distribution of $FIGHT for the core team members

  • Advisory Distribution of $FIGHT for the strategic advisors on board

  • Development Distribution of $FIGHT for all blockchain, game, and metaverse development

The above-mentioned stacked area chart represents the complete vesting schedule of $FIGHT. Team members and all-things development have the longest vesting contracts and both private and public sales mature earliest.

The projected forecast of $FIGHT is expected to be lower than the total supply and entire vesting schedule due to the burning mechanism in minting NFTs. $FIGHT is forecasted to burn more than the total annual inflation every year.

Private Sale



10% unlock on TGE, 5% on month 4, and 5% monthly

Public Sale



10% on TGE and 7.5% monthly




8% on TGE followed by 5% every 3 months

Adoption Incentive



2% on TGE followed by 2% monthly




0% on TGE, 10% on month 12, 16, 20, 24; and 5% monthly




0% on TGE; 15% on month 9; 30% on month 14 and 18; 25% on month 24




0% TGE 25% on month 12, 16, 20, 24

Total Amount



Total Supply (minus annual inflation)

The above-mentioned table outlines the maximum issuance of $FIGHT over the coming years for the current cap table. The total supply is fixed at 1,000,000,000 but does not include the inflation that is paid to stakers daily (10,000,000/year). The annual inflation is fixed to the smart contract and cannot be surpassed in any case-scenario.

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