NFT Integration

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Instant Recognition

ChainSafe's gaming SDK allows smart contracts to bridge over to Unity-developed games with ease and safety. Connecting to the HTML5 application allows MetaMask to confirm the asset(s) inside the wallet is via read-only and after are verified by the smart contract.

Crypto Fight Club's APIs recognizes NFT avatar assets as it scan the blockchain and obtains the metadata from the smart contract. From this API call, the metadata from the NFT is then pulled into the app and acknowledges the file type of the asset associated with the application page.

Once the contract address confirms the balance(s) of the correct NFT asset stored in the wallet, the metaverse is open for exploration.

DApp Safety Guidelines

When you're connecting a wallet to a decentralized application be sure to:

  • Quadruple-check you're connecting to the right domain.

  • Follow the setup guides carefully.

  • Check to see if the product you're connecting to is properly audited.

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