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NFT Wearables

Under Construction.
Fighter: Big Joe (1 of 30)

Pick Your Fights, Pick Your Gear

Based on the BEP-1155 token standard, NFT wearables and collectibles alike supercharge the avatars inside of the CFC Metaverse.
Different redeemable NFTs double as collectibles and in-game trophies for ranking in the top 10 on the leaderboard per season, per game.
Fighter: Alpha Cat (1 of 40)

Level Up in Style

Level up your NFT avatar with an assortment of fighting gear that will help you win fights, earn titles, and show your swag.
The development of NFTs allows holders "stack" or "combine" different token standards on top of one another. In Crypto Fight Club, BEP-1155 NFTs and their metadata can be embedded into your BEP-721 NFT avatar. With an array options available, players can equip cosmetics to enhance their base stats, look good, and customize their CFC experience based on personal preferences.
NFT wearables are based on real-life and fictional gear used in every day fights. Each wearable will be designed for specific parts of the body, limiting each NFT to equip 6 wearables in total. Equipment and gear can be worn on the head, upper torso, hands, lower torso, feet, and alongside the fighter.

BEP-1155 Equipment Includes (by far, not limited to)

Head Gear
Boxing Helmets
Mouth Guards
Upper Torso
Jiu-Jitsu Gi (upper)
Karate Gi (upper)
Judo Gi (upper)
Muay Thai Arm Bands
Non-Fungible Organs (Heart of a Lion + more)
Belly Pads
Doboks (upper)
Ninjitsu Robes (upper)
Hand Wraps
Boxing Gloves
MMA Gloves
Muay Thai Ropes
Brass Knuckles
Grappling Gloves
Lower Torso
Muay Thai Shorts
MMA Shorts
Jiu-Jitsu Gi (lower)
Karate Gi (lower)
Judo Gi (lower)
Doboks (lower)
Ninjitsu Robes (lower)
Athletic Shoes
Boxing Boots
KB Feet Wraps
Ankle Sleeves
Shin Guards
Ninjitsu Boots
Foot Guards
Boxing Trainers
Muay Thai Trainers
MMA Trainers
Jiu-Jitsu Trainers
Taekwondo Trainers
Judo Trainers
Karate Trainers
Skins and exclusive cosmetics will be introduced as wearable equipment during holiday seasons, historical events, and other future campaigns held by Crypto Fight Club.
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