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NFT 2.0 refers to any NFT that goes beyond what its predecessor, NFT 1.0 can do - all while still being appreciated by collectors in one form or another. Because this new generation of NFTs doesn't rely so heavily upon digitized decorations—their core value derives from utility. We are just scratching the surface.

Introducing Crypto Fight Club's NFT 2.0 Avatars

What exactly can you do with these funny-looking NFTs?

True DeFi Capabilities

Crypto Fight Club NFTs replicate something similar to legacy time deposits- like a savings account that accrues interest over time (without the fees and negative interest rates). For a quick lesson on how inflation works and interest is earned, take a step back to our DeFi fundamentals page in the docs.

Think of your Crypto Fight Club NFT as a savings account that eliminates the bank/middleman and deals directly with inflation on an automated level. With a fixed inflation of 1% (10,000,000 $FIGHT), you solely interact with the complex code implemented into the smart contracts. Automated functions in the code that executes inflation, there can never be more tokens brought into the ecosystem per year.

This smart contract call executes an action on the blockchain that allows interest-bearing payouts only to those who store $FIGHT inside of their NFTs and complete their desired period of staking. Interest and APY is calculated by the size of a stake, length of a stake, and amount of participants also locking tokens up and earning interest. Bonuses are also implemented for those who extend their time staking. Longer pays better.

Imagine a world where you can even transfer your savings account to someone else who happens to find it more valuable.

You can. Thanks to new NFT and blockchain technology. When you hold and store tokens (ERC-20) inside of the NFT avatars (ERC-721), both token standards you hold remain in your wallet for safekeeping. The only way you can lose it is if you are irresponsibly accessing dodgy, unverified DApps, flaunting your private keys, or even locking up your tokens with a centralized platform, like exchanges. Always do your own research and learn how to keep your assets safe.

Revolutionizing Play-To-Earn Gaming

High entry barriers, minimal gaming options, endless hours spent, and low payouts happen to be a trend in crypto. With popular games emerging every day, no one seems to have mastered the play-to-earn economy. We live in a picky-choosey world where people love to have options.

Crypto Fight Club reimagines what it's like to spend time in an arcade and earn big. Limiting options and saturating the earning market will only drive existing players away to find new opportunities. With an array of options of gameplay, affordable barriers for entry, and high rewards- there's a place in the space for everyone. Besides delayed gratification, you are rewarded inside the gaming ecosystem based on time, skill, and effort.

Game theory and player retention remains number 1 on the list of priorities. If this means undergoing the development of multiple game modes to find everyone's sweet spots- so be it. Each profit-generating game presented will be catered to gamers from all walks of life and maintain the latest form of player retention: tokenized in-game rewards. The experiences across all games are designed to create a spot for everyone ranging from noob to pro.

Perhaps you're not a gamer, staker, nor even collector.

With the lending platform, NFT holders can seamlessly rent out their NFT avatars for others to play on the owners dime. The most popular form of this is called Scholarships. Letting owners of NFTs choose the profit sharing margins and duration of time others can play with their NFTs, freedom of choice remains intact in Crypto Fight Club. There's room to grow and earn for everyone.

Metaverse Compatibility & Status

Explore, fight, and develop inside of the CFC Metaverse. This open-source, open-world economy sets itself apart by providing digital homes where anyone can play a role and provide aid in the economy. From top-earners in different games to multi-meta gym owners, you too can showboat your victors and spoils in the metaverse.

Want to work for a gym? Sure. Chasing belts and climbing your way to become a world champion? LFG. Are you a digital real-estate tycoon? So be it. Choose your title.

The biggest challenge in developing a metaverse is the options. Creating a digital world where anything is possible can be quite overwhelming. Having a concrete blueprint to build a place for everyone is essential, but it is most important to follow it step-by-step and ensure the building blocks are constructed properly. Ideas and in-game expectations include (are most definitely not limited to):

  • Incorporate NFT gyms that carry multiple monetizable streams

  • Lending NFTs to others to earn for you and socialize in the metaverse

  • Hosting tournaments of all degrees with real-life partners

  • Building numerous earning functions (play-to-earn, bid-to-earn, earn-to-learn, etc)

  • 3rd-party developers to aid in the construct of NFT environments in open-source areas

  • Integrating 3rd-party play-to-earn game modes and avatars

  • Immersive virtual reality experiences

  • Incentivized livestreams of CFC-sponsored fighting events

  • Cracking cold ones with absolutely anyone

In the metaverse, nothing is impossible. With the help of existing and future partners, Crypto Fight Club will have an open-world for everyone and also cross-collaborate with new worlds alike.

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