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Tournament Modes

Tournament modes in Crypto Fight Club will separate themselves based on multiple different factors. Spectators and fighters will pay entry fees in $FIGHT (which is later burned) to participate in tournaments for their chance to win big and build a reputation for themselves. Benefits for participating include redeemable NFT prizes, novelty cosmetics for in-game appearances, bonuses in $FIGHT (amongst other tokens from ecosystem partners), unique 1 of 1 designed avatars, and much, much more.

Are you a professional chicken chaser? Perhaps a slayer of bears? Do you knock people out for a living? Time to prove it in the big leagues.


Each mini-game will carry tournaments hosted for anyone holding an NFT avatar. Whether you're competing as a borrower or proud owner, these events can maximize your holdings and put you in the brackets with the best.

If a player ranks in the top 10, top 25, or even top 100 of the tournaments, pooled prizes will be distributed based on leaderboard placement. Each game will have a different tournament system dedicated to the game mechanics and will always reward the highest ranking fighters.

Decentralized Tournaments

AKA player-ran tournaments are events held by groups of players or independent gamers alike. NFT holders can come together and allocate $FIGHT tokens for big-name events and reward the top participants on the leaderboard. Using an escrow function to pool tokens, upon completion of the tournament, the tokens are released from the smart contract to the winners. Should there be additional rewards, tournament hosts shall provide NFTs and/or alternative incentives at their own cost.

This style of tournaments is primarily geared towards guilds looking to grow their resources, support their teams, and host friendly competitions amongst the community. Crypto Fight Club will actively support in the content marketing and buzz to attract new users and become newly-established alliance members. Tournament entry fees go directly to the hosts of the tournaments and are not burned, like mini-game tournaments.

Spectating & Sponsors

Spectating plays a key role in the sport economy. Different games will have a variety of setups for spectators to watch and earn whilst supporting their favorite fighters in their choice of game. This aspect to the platform allows non-NFT holders to participate and support friends and team members in the in-game endeavors. Should the sponsored fighter win the event, sponsors and spectators backing the fighter will be allocated a portion of the spoils and receive their originally allocated tokens back in their wallet. In the event the sponsored fighter loses and does not earn any tournament rewards, the $FIGHT backing mentioned fighter is then burned.

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