NFT Fighters (In-Game Avatars)

Passports to the metaverse and beyond.

Exploring Possibilities

Crypto Fight Club's NFT avatars act as a passport to the metaverse and walking savings account.

So, what can be done with this NFT avatar/fighter/friend?

  • Full-access to all current and future play-to-earn game modes

  • Earn consistently high APYs from staking $FIGHT or LP $FIGHT

  • Evolve your avatar through playing and staking

  • Explore the core metaverse, alongside other compatible worlds

  • Lend NFT avatars for others to play on your behalf and earn

  • Transfer NFTs with active stakes to avoid early end-staking penalties

  • Equip BEP-1155 wearables that enhance your stats and looks

  • Fight your friends without the physical pain

As mentioned in the tab above, NFT 2.0 completely blows the origins of generic NFTs out of the water. Who knows what can come with the development of NFT 3.0?

Below, you will find a comparison chart between NFT generations

⚠️ Requires additional setup or has limited compatibility

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Profile Pictures

In-Game Items


Multiple Game Options

DeFi Staking

Transferrable Stakes

Cross-Chain Operable

Metaverse Compatible

Rarity Rankings & Randomness

As it remains true in reality, everyone is different from each other.

The element of surprise is in your favor. With 100 unique, pixel-by-pixel made avatars ranging from various rarity supplies, you never know who or what's in that box. With uncertainty, comes opportunity.

The most rare NFTs are extremely limited. Only 2 avatars have 5 available in the entire 1st batch of 5,000 NFTs. The most common NFTs avatars to be minted are compiled into batches of 125 each in the 1st batch of 5,000.

Rarity Rankings

  • 2x 1 of 5

  • 2x 1 of 10

  • 6x 1 of 15

  • 5x 1 of 20

  • 8x 1 of 25

  • 5x 1 of 30

  • 2x 1 of 35

  • 15x 1 of 40

  • 10x 1 of 45

  • 12x 1 of 50

  • 8x 1 of 55

  • 1x 1 of 70

  • 10x 1 of 75

  • 12x 1 of 100

  • 2x 1 of 125

Higher rarities also come with higher base stats (ATK, DEF, TEK) right out of the box. As the NFT becomes more common in terms of supply, the weaker they are.

⬇️ A full list of NFT avatars ranked by rarity can be found on the rarity page of the website. ⬇️

⚠️Rarities do not effect your interest earned in staking $FIGHT or LP $FIGHT.

Attributes & Stats

Generation 1 NFT avatars are uniquely composed of 3 different fighting styles MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing. Even though they do not carry the same shape, they hold similar stat models that differ per avatar. Following generations will be designed with other major fighting styles around the world.

Each NFT has 3 unique attributes that are used inside a majority of game modes.

  • Attack (ATK) - How hard can you pack a punch? With a higher attack, you can expect to deal more damage (dependent on opponents defense)

  • Defense (DEF) - Is your guard up to standard? Defense correlates with how much damage you take (dependent on opponents attack)

  • Technique (TEK) - Can you bob and weave? Higher technique increases your ability to evade attacks and land critical hits.

Level Up!

The following can enhance and increased the avatar's attribute meta data in many ways:

✅ Stake 5,000 $FIGHT or 600 LP $FIGHT for 1+ year(s) earns a 20% stat bonus (compounded)

🔜 Play games, train in gyms, and level up based on skill and time spent

🔜 Equip NFT wearables and accessories such as gloves, shoes, shorts, and even trainers

🔜 Spend $FIGHT on temporary consumables to strengthen your avatar for a limited time

⚠️Attributes do not effect your interest earned in staking $FIGHT or LP $FIGHT.

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