Crypto Companies

The companies of the future helping us in the now.

All of our partners have been crucial to the building of Crypto Fight Club with contributions that have created the very structure that underpin the entire metaverse platform.


MohrWolfe spearheads the marketing, business development and blockchain development operations for Crypto Fight Club. The team specializes in an array of crypto-related activities, especially uniquely branding individuals via PR and SEO. Everything marketing, token/product development and business development (inside and outside of crypto) goes through MohrWolfe. They also led and helped close the investment round in just 3 weeks.


Click.Blue provides strong leadership to Crypto Fight Club's design and product development. The team's ongoing support is guiding our branding and art direction while in charge of all visual fronts including UX & UI, website design & development, design and frontend development of our web app and gaming environments as well as all marketing materials, graphic and video content.

MIX Reality

MIX Reality is a company of the F2L Group, specialized in creating virtual worlds in VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and formed by professionals who have been living and breathing technology for 20 years.

With Crypto Fight Club, their metaverse architectural skills will bringing new experiences, mixing the real world with the virtual.

Shima Capital

Shima Capital has invested hundreds of millions into blockchain startups and have an impeccable track record when it comes to success. After funding, they will further provide support ranging from HR and quality introductions to crypto and fighting worlds as well as marketing resources in both major industries.

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