NFT Avatars

Where virtual friends become real.

Metaverse Passports

Crypto Fight Club introduces the next generation of NFTs through a multitude of use-cases.

This hand-crafted, pixel by pixel avatar acts as the primary driver inside the metaverse platform. The BEP-721 standard NFTs hone limitless abilities from gaming, renting, staking, socializing, learning, redeeming, and so much more- with the possibility to earn if controlled correctly.

Access to the CFC Metaverse requires at least one NFT avatar to reap all of the benefits. Players can opt-in to mint as many as they'd like (popular with guilds) to play and earn more through the series of products released.

Moreover, these avatars will have exclusive access to select worlds outside of Crypto Fight Club. If players prefer new environments or outside games, the implementation of these NFTs can be seamless if partnered with the appropriate business model.

Learn more in deep detail about the BEP-721 NFT Avatars, please visit the NFT Fighters (In-Game Avatars)tab.

Specs & Details


Profile Picture


3D Object


3D Animation


AR Capable


HTML Interactive


In-Game Character

.fbx (Unity Prefab)

Blockchain Enabled


Metaverse Compatible

.fbx OR .obj (Prefab)

Best Friend


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