The team fighting for you.

Project Lead - Ashton

Ashton spearheads day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year operations at Crypto Fight Club. Leveraging his network in crypto for investor relations, marketing endeavors, business development, and communications; Ashton's extensive and colorful experience in the industry helps propel the business forward with the best intentions in mind.

He ventured into crypto in the early days of 2015 with Bitcoin ATMs. He lead the entire operations team and built out the largest ATM/BTM network in the world (at the time) towards the end of his COO position in 2017. During this time, he also became a licensed KYC/AML officer by ACAMS and gave lectures on the fundamentals of crypto in major universities across the United States.

Following, he joined forces with a full-stack marketing firm focusing on early-stage startups during the ICO boom. Some of the project endeavors include the strategy of rebranding Antshares into NEO, successfully landing fundraising and listings for Wirex, and PR and community development for Polymath, amongst other notable marketing events for projects throughout the years.

Beginning in 2020 in March, he decided to take it upon himself and start a consulting and PR firm with Felix called MohrWolfe. The core focus is on branding executives and individuals as thought leaders in the industry through mainstream media opportunities. Since then, he has worked on branding some of the top influencers and businesses in the industry (Aavegotchi, HEX, Richard Heart, Binance,, etc).

With the resources and knowledge he gained from the above, he recruited an all-star team formed the ultimate crypto fighting championship: Crypto Fight Club (CFC).


Product Lead - Alan

Alan spearheads everything design and product development in Crypto Fight Club. He is actively involved in managing game developers, 3D animators, content marketing design, and the UI/UX of the app/website.

He is a senior graphic designer and architect with over 9 years of experience in the blockchain industry. He has been the lead designer on some of the most renowned projects in the industry and maintains a flawless track record in his deliverables.

In crypto alone, Alan has worked on numerous projects since the early days of 2013. Some notable projects include Wirex, Polymath,, Agrello, Yield.App, Cybervein, and many, many more. Alan leads his own design team of 7 full-time UI/UX designers under the Click.Blue umbrella, which are now fully focused on the design aspects gaming and NFT developments.


Finance Lead - Felix

Felix's footprint on finance and investments is unmatched. With Crypto Fight Club, he manages the long term vision of the game economies, tokenomics, and paid deliverables using statistical based research for the best possible outcomes. He often spends his time challenging the longevity of existing financial models and finds flaws in existing infrastructure that can help Crypto Fight Club avoid future turmoil based on historical events.

He is a certified fintech professional from the University of Hong Kong, amongst many other things. Felix jumped into crypto in the early days of 2016 with ongoing experience in top law firms in Bangkok heavily involved with early-stage blockchain startups during the 2017/2018 boom. He also as an extensive track record in onboarding funds, UHNWI, family offices, and OTC desks that couldn't acquire local banking access using a reputable offshore banks.

Now operating a newly-opened development arm in MohrWolfe, the latest creation of the business specializes mostly in gaming projects and NFT development. In mid 2021, Felix opened up the blockchain development arm of MohrWolfe. His role is to guide operations of designing NFT use-cases for clients, smart contract design, and wallet authentication through browsers and downloadable games.


Game Developers & 3D Designers

The Crypto Fight Club (CFC) platform was founded in mid-October 2021. Since then, we have on-boarded over 15+ full-time staff from all around the world, in areas such as 3D design and animation, game design and engineering, blockchain development, Unity, marketing managers, and customer care. Crypto Fight Club was founded by three core members showcased below.

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