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BEP-1155 (aka ERC-1155) tokens are fungibility-agnostic; meaning they can resemble both fungible and non-fungible tokens, depending on the smart contract design and interaction.

In contrast to the BEP-20 and BEP-721 token standards, BEP-1155 NFTs make it possible for each token ID to represent a fully-customizable token type.

Typically, BEP-1155 NFTs contain its own data outside of the rest. This includes configurable options in the assets design, attributes and metadata, making for perfect combinations of a myriad of custom in-game assets and items.

Crypto Fight Club leverages the BEP-1155 standard with unique wearables carrying differentiated statistical advantages. This token type in the CFC Metaverse is unbound from its cousin standards, which results in a unique and customizable options for NFT avatars in any situation- social and combat.

The NFT wearables are constantly undergoing design development and are updated frequently. In most cases, players will benefit most from the gear in the PvP game modes rather social shindigs.

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