Minting Portal

Where uncertainty meets opportunity.

Feeling nostalgic? After long hours and serious conversations on how to present Crypto Fight Club NFTs, the decision was made to tap back into the roots of opening up action figures and packs playing cards. There is something about that feeling of uncertainty that psychologically makes a person wanting more and fueling their excitement for what's to come next.


Design and UI/UX is everything when building an app. The minting portal uses pieces from quality, ready-made technology and enhanced it bit-by-bit with smart contract capabilities and decentralized wallet authentication systems. With a solid backbone behind the app, the design remains a major pivot point when planning custom acquisition and retention. This requires loads of AB testing, especially in this industry.

NFT Minting Portal

As previously mentioned, this is the hotspot for NFTs to be minted. Each fighter tells a story and will later expand with your experiences in the metaverse. Below you will find the three landing pages in total that bring you to the My Fighter's Page where your NFT collection is showcased.

Once you've successfully minted an NFT avatar, you have officially joined the Crypto Fight Club. As read above, the experiences your entitled to have all been designed to tailor made interests for those looking to stake, game, or be a part of a community. Slots are limited and these are your official invitations to join CFC.

At Crypto Fight Club, every day is a winning day.

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