✅Chicken Run

This was not inspired by the movies.

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Based on the real-life training exercise for rural Muay Thai fighters in Thailand, your objective is to catch as many chickens as possible within 120 seconds.

Chicken Run is the first mini-game released by Crypto Fight Club in January 17th 2022. ​NFT holders are able to play their in-game avatar and challenge others to the top of the leaderboards in return for $FIGHT. The more chickens caught, the more rewards you earn.

Game Dynamics

Aforementioned, Chicken Run was designed based on the cardio exercises performed by Muay Thai fighters in local environments. To embody the same spirit, the first map released was the "Thai Jungle" and remains one of the most popular environments to date.

Each game begins with a 120 second timer during which you have to chase chickens across the map and catch as many as you can before time’s up. You compete against other players who will try to out-maneuver you in a battle of mechanics and wit.

Glowing power-ups like mushrooms (Thai Jungle), katanas (Japan), sewer gas (Cityscape), etc can be found on the map and offer a 3x speed boost for 10 seconds as well as power jumps to launch your fighter faster across the map.

Be sure to choose your direction wisely, as chasing a flock of densely packed chickens may be a less wise option than skirting the map looking for easier picks with not as much competition. Each environment has a different amount of chickens spawned.

Players can use a single NFT fighter to play Chicken Run 10 times in a day. Those with multiple fighters can play more times but this will not contribute to an aggregate ranking. Simply put, each NFT fighter will be individually ranked on the leaderboards.

A global leaderboard will hold the results of your fighter’s seasonal achievements in the mini-game. At the end of each month, a snapshot of the final Top 10 Chicken Chasers will bestow a unique chicken NFT to these ranked players with the top players whom caught the most amount of chickens to earn the most $FIGHT.

Payouts are distributed once a week on Wednesday, 12pm UTC.

Payouts are based on amount of chicken captured with NFT asset ID

Single wallets can play more than 10x a day numerous times with multiple NFTs

Mini-metaverse maps are randomized

When a new environment is released, top chicken chasers will receive limited edition NFTs

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