Minting NFT 2.0 Fighters

A quick 'how-to' on obtaining your passport to the metaverse.

A majority of NFTs today simply consist of very few utilities. Purchasers give them value based on the simple economic rule: supply and demand. Most NFTs that are populating the industry are solely used as profile pictures and forms of validity- maintaining a volatile form of instrumental value. That "instrument" is hype.

Crypto Fight Club is harnessing the breakthrough technology NFTs can bring to change the landscape we operate on today. With a limited (but not fixed) supply of 5,000 NFTs at launch, the goal is to test the market and scout for those truly interested in the foundations of DeFi/GameFi.

These NFT 2.0 Fighters act as instruments to an array of products.

  • Decentralized & transferrable NFT Time-Deposits (staking $FIGHT or LP $FIGHT inside of your NFT for high APYs)

  • Play-to-earn in-game avatars for all current and upcoming mini-games

  • Passports to the CFC Metaverse (coming soon)

How to Mint the NFT 2.0 Fighters?

To mint a unique NFT 2.0 Avatar, 2,000 $FIGHT tokens must be burned by the user during the acquisition. These burned tokens are sent directly to the black hole address and do not have the ability to be recovered again. Token burning mechanisms create scarcity within the economy and reduce the circulating supply.

For $FIGHT, the total amount of tokens burned in the minting of 5,000 NFTs matches the annual inflation (10,000,000 $FIGHT).

Follow this guide to learn how to obtain an NFT 2.0 Avatar:

  1. Create a wallet (recommendations found inside)

  2. Pick up $BNB to to cover the network costs

  3. Acquire 2,000 $FIGHT tokens from PancakeSwap or other options available

  4. Connect your wallet to the Crypto Fight Club Minting Page

  5. Click "Mint" to open an NFT mystery box (as shown above)

  6. See the newly obtained future champion on your My Fighters page of the app

Every NFT Avatar has the ability to participate in the metaverse, any and all mini-games and the staking mechanism.

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