Secondary Markets

Acquire hand-me-down NFTs from third-party marketplaces.

NFT Secondary Marketplaces

NFTs sell out every day. Luckily, talented developers have created marketplaces where NFTs are listed/bought/sold/transferred every day. If you missed out on a generation of NFT fighters, your days of worrying are long gone.

With partners in notable third-party marketplaces, future fighters can obtain NFTs from verified storefronts.

Crypto Fight Club Verified Marketplaces

You can find more in-depth information about both marketplaces below.

tofuNFT is a fully-featured trusted and decentralized NFT marketplace focused on GameFi and collectibles, rebranded from SCV's ( NFT market. Supporting NFTs from numerous blockchains, tofuNFT is an up-and-coming leader in NFT storefronts.


  • Mobile (DApp browser only) and desktop browser friendly

  • Supports 25+ blockchains

  • Verified auctions

  • Decentralized


  • Longer setup time and walkthrough for new users

  • Higher marketplace fees on buys/sells than most

  • Minimum bid of 5% above auction price

Visit the tofuNFT Marketplace tofuNFT Marketplace Resources Crypto Fight Club Verified Collection

⚠️ NFT marketplace comparisons as follows:


Multi-Chain Support

Competitive Auctions

Friendly UI/UX

Multiple Wallet Support

Fiat On-Ramps


⬇️ Crypto Fight Club 2.0 on tofuNFT ⬇️

⬇️ Crypto Fight Club NFT 2.0 on Venly ⬇️

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