Pro Fighters

The (ongoing) roster of pro fighters in Crypto Fight Club.

Superbon Banchamek

Superbon Banchamek is incomparably one of the best kickboxers to have ever lived. He is the current kickboxing world champion signed to ONE Championship. He is also the inaugural and reigning ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Champion and 2016 Kunlun Fight World Max Tournament Champion.

We wouldn't advise stepping foot in the ring with him.

Iman Barlow

Iman "Pretty Killer" Barlow is a world-famous champion female kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter out of England. She is a former 2x Enfusion 54 kg world champion with 6 successful title defenses, WRSA world champion, Lion Fight Super Bantamweight champion, and a WPMF World Bantamweight champion. She's recently won her first ONE Championship match by a nasty KO.

The world literally revolves around this champion.

Dzhabar Askerov

Dzhabar Askerov is a scary Russian Welterweight kickboxer fighting out of Bangkok, Thailand, representing Russia. He is the World Muay Thai Council's Muay Thai Welterweight European Champion, ONE Championship regular, and a K-1 MAX Scandinavia 2008 Tournament Finalist.

To this day, some of his opponents in the ring have not woken up yet.

Kirsti Gannaway

Kirstie Gannaway is a world-class Singaporean pro-boxing weapon of choice. Previously fighting as an MMA fighter under ONE Championship. She is now an Under Armor lead sponsor and is dedicated to achieve greatness in boxing at our partner gym, The Ring.

Hitting on her could result in you getting hit.

Abdou Karroum

Abdou Karroum is an undefeated pro boxer and head trainer fighting for The Ring in Singapore. He successfully won the WBC (World Boxing Championship) Asia Silver Title in 2019. He is currently preparing for capturing the WBC Asia Gold title and training future world champions.

Never underestimate a sensei in their art.

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