The Golden Standard for NFTs.

Generational NFTs Evolved

Trends come and go but metaverse avatars are here to stay.

With the latest developments happening to NFTs, the 2.0 evolution is shaping play-to-earn games inside the metaverse. ERC-721 (Ethereum-based) and BEP-721 (Binance Smart Chain) enabled NFTs represent themselves mostly as in-game characters and land plots inside these open-worlds. This NFT standard allows multiple token variations (ERC/BEP-20) & (ERC-20/BEP-1155) combine under one contract and collectively generate value to the holder.

Crypto Fight Club NFT avatars are composed on the BEP-721 standard. These avatars interact with the two token types effectively with different smart contracts for expansive usability.

  • BEP-721 NFTs can be linked to other NFT styles

  • BEP-721 NFTs can hold fungible tokens (BEP-20)

  • BEP-721 NFTs can be linked to any other randomized data sets the creator sets

The layers built on this technology are limitless and fully-customizable through different upgrades and advancements inside the metadata. NFTs can also be owned by other NFTs. For example, in Crypto Fight Club's land design, NFTs can be linked to different gyms and play a role under an umbrella tied to other NFTs. Gyms, also composed of the BEP-721 standard will act as a "stable" for the avatars- primarily geared towards renters and collectors.

Learn more about the capabilities and superpowers of Crypto Fight Club BEP-721 NFT Avatars here or simply go to the next tab for the TL;DR.

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