My NFTs Page

Welcome, friends.

My NFTs Page

Consider this the "My Profile" hub of Crypto Fight Club.

On this page, you can find an assortment of cool things about your newly developed NFT collection. Compare your stats with other fighters, play around with the custom animations, and browse the navigation bar for more options throughout the app.

Should you showcase the NFT avatar on Twitter, don't forget to tag @CFCFIGHTING for a chance to enter the weekly raffle, paying out pots of $FIGHT every week.

For those who would like a free headshot profile picture of their NFT avatar (similar to the team), jump into the Telegram or Discord communities and simply request one! User must verify the ownership of the NFT to apply.

The navigation bar has plenty of option to choose from. From here, you can browse your newly acquired NFT avatars, spin them around with your cursor to get a better view of the designs, play their custom animations, browse the staking dashboard, and even mint more NFTs (if that's what you're in to). The options are endless and it takes just a few seconds to experience the superpowers your NFT harnesses.

Functions on the profile page include (not limited to for future developments)

  • Open more NFT mystery boxes under "Buy More" or "Mint" on the navbar

  • If there is more than 1 NFT avatar in the wallet, holders can browse their inventory with ease

  • Launch and use the staking dashboard with the NFT time-deposit feature on the navbar

  • Play the latest released game with your NFT avatar

  • Browse the "Fighter Wiki" page to compare your avatar against the competition

  • Switch the stance of the NFT avatar by clicking the "T-Pose", "Fighting Position", and "Animation" using the buttons at the bottom of the page

  • Get more $FIGHT tokens from PancakeSwap with $BUSD

To find a tutorial on how to mint an NFT, visit the Minting NFT 2.0 Fighters section under the Getting Started drop down.

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