Fighting Gyms

Metaverses inside of the metaverse?

Welcome to the mini-metaverses of Crypto Fight Club. Our international gym partners open doors to professional athletes, events and other global gyms. You will soon battle and train at these fighting playgrounds inside the CFC Metaverse.

Elite Fight Club

Elite Fight Club has popularized itself as a Muay Thai and MMA hotspot in the country of Thailand. With locations in both Bangkok and Hua Hin, the team there actively supports Crypto Fight Club by allowing a full rebrand of both gyms, exclusive tailor made merchandise, and discounted access to NFT holders looking to workout or get in the ring.

The Ring

The Ring is the largest fighting gym in Singapore. As a widely connected resource into the world of fighting, the founders actively recruit and network with famous fighters we all know in love in the attempt to onboard them into the CFC Metaverse. With rebranding in the books, the primary focus is on acquiring new fighters for the team and introductions to other notable international gyms.

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